Get creative

But not “supporting your weight while rock-climbing” creative

What can I use my Janger for?

Just a clothes hanger? No, no! Jangers can be used for so much more. From arts and crafts around the home, to creating a portable clothes line on holiday.

Use on holiday

Attach to your clothes before you travel to make getting to the pool quicker and take extras for those wet bathing suits once you get out. Hang everything from hats to flip-flops to make travel easy and keep your holiday clutter free.


And at home

Tackle overflowing wardrobes and save space so you can hang more clothes. (You always need space for more clothes, right?) Turn any room into a clutter-free zone; keep cables neat and tidy, hang flowers in unique places and everything inbetween.

JANGER home hanger

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How many do I need?

Five. Ten. Twenty? Here’s our guide on how many Jangers to buy.

Family holidays

2 packs

We recommend 2 packs of Jangers for longer trips away. Neatly arrange outfits and hang up wet swimsuits to make your hotel a home away from home.

Short breaks

1 pack

If traveling is your passion we recommend 1 pack of Jangers. That’s enough to organise your bags so you can quickly unpack and spend more of your weekend away unwinding.

Around the home

3 Packs

For a clutter-free home we recommend 3 packs of Jangers. That’s enough to save wardrobe space and organise your kitchen with some left over for handy hacks around your house.

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