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Once upon a time…

There’s a problem with the traditional hanger: it’s big, hard to recycle, and let’s be honest, it’s kind of ugly. Big clothes retailers have used Janger for years to organise stock and save space. We wondered why we weren’t helping every day people do the same. So, for the first time, we’ve made Jangers available to everyone!

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Janger Effortlessly-simple

Effortlessly simple

Jangers make packing your bag to go on holiday a breeze. Just attach, pack and go to enjoy crease-free clothes so you can worry less about your luggage and more about sunning yourself by the pool. Once your trip is over, you’ll find Jangers are the ideal answer to a clutter-free wardrobe. It’s that easy!

Janger 100% recyclable

Jangers are 100% recyclable

Jangers are made with three times less recycled plastic than a standard hanger and are completely recyclable. That means your lightweight, compact solution to a clutter-free wardrobe is also totally guilt-free.


Supported by an independent study

None of our environmental claims come from us. They’re all the result of a study carried out by the University of Sheffield. Read the full study here.

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Doing our bit for the enviroment

Janger Less energy to make

Less energy to make

We like to save energy and responsibly use Earth’s resources. A Janger takes just one seventh of the energy to make compared to a traditional hanger.

Janger Easy to transport

Easy to transport

Jangers are 60 times smaller than a multi-part slide hanger. That means we use less lorries and less fuel to transport them to your door for a smaller carbon footprint and a greener planet.

Janger Straightforward design

Straightforward to design

Jangers are a single piece made from a single material so they’re as simple to make as they are to slip back into the recycling stream.

JangerCharity JangerCharity

Supporting local charities


Janger is proud to support Please Take Me There. This independent charity provides free transport for children, adults and families facing cancer so they can get access to lifesaving treatments as quickly as possible. Since its beginning Janger has pledged 5% of every sale in the UK to Please Take Me There, and will continue to support this hugely important charity well into the future.

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