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Supporting local charities

Janger is proud to support Please Take Me There. This independent charity provides free transport for children, adults and families facing cancer so they can get access to lifesaving treatments as quickly as possible. Since its beginning Janger has pledged 5% of every sale in the UK to Please Take Me There, and will continue to support this hugely important charity well into the future.

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Natalie's story

Janger’s pledge to support charity has a very personal inspiration. Natalie Taylor-Scotcher, one of Janger’s founders, found out she had cancer just six weeks after giving birth to her son. “It was a whirlwind,” says Natalie, adding that transport to and from the hospital was particularly hard with a young child to consider. Natalie was lucky enough to have family to help her in her recovery but couldn’t help but wonder how people with out the same support managed to cope.


Thankfully Natalie’s treatment was a success and, after finding herself cancer free, she found herself thinking about the issue of transport and what she could do to help. She discovered Please Take Me There, an independent charity providing free-transport, and volunteered to help the organisation produce a short series of videos to promote its vital mission.

Increased Support

The urgent nature of the service Please Take Me There provides means journeys are often last-minute and stressful for families. It was here that Natalie saw a chance to increase support with Janger. Jangers are perfect for organising suitcases in a hurry and make travel, even in stressful circumstances, that little bit easier. Janger has pledged to donate 5% of every sale in the UK to supporting the charity.

Our promise to always support charity.

“We will always donate at least 5% of every Janger sale in the UK to charity.”

Guy Taylor, Founder of Janger

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